We are the Savior

I don’t understand how people don’t see that giving more power to the government to give away entitlements, merely makes those in power into rich kings and queens who make our decisions for us. In this way, the living standard goes down for all citizens of the country and freedom is lost.

Just look at the salaries of people in this country from 8 years ago compared to now. They have dropped. Eight years ago, my salary was higher for the same job. Which means, I can’t afford what I used to afford before the present leadership.

How does anyone not see this? Does anyone think we are at a better living standard today than 8 years ago? We’ve moved more and more toward socialism, and people wanted more of this with Bernie? Has this standard of living gotten better or worse?

Has the leadership today brought this country together and united us the way we were united after 9/11? Does this leadership inspire us and support us by telling us we are good, strong, resilient and can do anything we set our minds to? Do those running for office now, encourage us as a people, or do they knock us down and build themselves up as the savior of our wretched lives?

Liberals have gotten just about everything they wanted, yet they’re still griping. When does the “pity pot” end for them? Obama wanted healthcare, he got healthcare. He wanted to release prisoners from Guantanamo, he is releasing them a little at a time. Liberals wanted gay marriage. They got gay marriage. They want men to use women’s bathrooms, men can now use women’s bathrooms. They want to force people of certain principles to go against their conscience (bake a gay wedding cake), and that too, has happened.

We’re told we’re a country of racist haters, yet we have a black president who was elected to office … twice. We are told women aren’t treated equally, yet we have a woman candidate for president who will likely win.

Do you believe we need to ask what our country can do for us, or should we ask what we can do for our countrymen? Do we want an all-powerful government to do for us, or do we want to do more as individuals for each other? Are we that selfish and lazy that we give our responsibility away to rulers?

In other words, do you believe we can be our own saviors? Or, do you believe we have to find a savior?

If you believe the latter, than you must be able to trust the savior you choose. Is there a savior that you trust as much as you would trust yourself to take care of you and your family? Is there a savior that you would put the lives of those you love in their hands? Do you realize that if we get to elect this person you so trust, that person will not stay in office forever? The next time, it might not be someone you trust. Would you still want to give that person the responsibilities of a savior to rule over you and your family?

We ARE a good, strong, resilient, “can do” country. But it’s up to US, not our leaders or elitist political groups who set rules for us because they say they know better. WE know better. We are a good people. We are being divided and led to believe we hate each other. We are led to believe we do not have it in us to unite, innovate or make it on our own. We’re being told we need parenting by a ruling government. While all along, the leaders and elitist politicians get richer and citizens get poorer.

We are our own saviors, and until we learn to take care of one another, we will grow further and further apart with stronger and stricter rulers.



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  1. Good post leaving a lot of ideas on the table to think about .
    So happy to have run across your blog.
    I do have some thoughts but need time to frame those thoughts into logical sequence.

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