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What To Do

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I created this blog for free expression of thoughts, opinions and feelings.

I haven’t felt heard.

I haven’t felt listened to.

I haven’t felt understood.

I haven’t felt like anyone cares about the truth.

And, what is truth?

How can we tell anymore, who is telling the truth and who is lying?

I grew up, for the most part, not seeing skin color. I see humans. I don’t understand why we have to keep naming skin color.

Media and the leadership’s spin on events of the day are lies.

There is a bigger agenda that no one is paying attention to.

Divide and conquer.

It’s not just a simple cliché. It was said, because it works.

There was injustice at one time. There were entire groups and nations who not only discriminated, but tortured and murdered races or people of religions.

Most nations … including our American nation, learned and grew from such atrocities. Due to brave, peaceful people, laws for civil rights were passed. As time went by, more and more people saw humans instead of skin color.

This does not mean that all evil is admonished. There will always be individuals who hate. Something in their upbringing or mental makeup triggers evil behavior. We cannot understand why, but in today’s world, it is about individual evils, not the entire gamut of 1st responders or any other groups.

When one individual does something evil, today’s media and leadership uses historical events of hatred to recreate them in the present. People see through the eyes of some pain in their lives, and believe the lie.

We’ve all been hurt in our past by someone. Perhaps those who believe the lie are using a past hurt and enlarging it to encompass groups into haters. So, they glom on, making policemen, or another race, or a religion, their enemy.

Everything is turned upside down. No one knows who to trust.

We are in chaotic times.

Everyone is on edge. Any little thing sparks fires.

Many don’t feel heard, understood or even loved.

I would venture to guess that most have felt this way at some point in their lives.

What to do?

I don’t know.

I wish I had answers. I wish everyone would hear me. Would listen to me … and take each human on an individual basis for discernment, instead of judging entire communities, races, religions, nations.

People don’t feel heard.

People don’t feel understood.

People don’t feel loved.

What to do …


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