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Since I created this blog to express my opinions that are being silenced, there may be quick little posts on the fly, like this one. No real editing, just venting.

Is there no shame left? The president of this once great nation exploits the memorial service of fallen police officers who served to protect us, by making a political speech. SHAMEFUL!

I’m disgusted with this man. In a 44 minute speech, he mentioned himself 43 times. He says kids can get a Glock easier than they can get a book or a computer. Really? How over the top can he get? That’s a ridiculous statement, and yet, there will be people who believe him. He might as well say that Kim Kardashian is now a star player in the WNBA … it would be more believable.

Even poor homes in this country have a television and a computer.

None of the kids that are in my life are looking for a Glock. They’re raised properly.

If there are “children” looking for guns, it’s in the gang neighborhoods where they are getting them illegally. Which is another issue that has grown worse as a result of the present administration.

Don’t even get me started on the Fast and Furious gun running to Mexican war lords.

People, open your eyes. Stop voting for candidates out of anger. Use your brains. Pure emotional decisions will kill us all.

God be with us.