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Angry Left

I need to express myself after reading one woman’s constant angry posts on facebook. She rants against Republicans, the right, conservatives, whatever.

A. used to be a friend of mind in person and on facebook, but she unfriended me a while back because I dared to have an opinion opposite from hers. I might tell that story another time, but we have mutual friends, and her angry messages pop up on my wall through them.

As I’ve said before, the left has gotten just about everything they wanted with this administration, yet they’re still so mad. A. is not the only leftist on facebook and other venues that I’ve seen fuming. Many have taken to the streets and/or social media with their angry chants, and sometimes even violence. Their anger is so potent.

Our leadership insights their anger by blaming conservative values for the woes of the world. But, has the left asked themselves, which ideology/values have been in power over the last 8 years, and why are they even angrier than before?

I’ve never met a leftist who isn’t angry and feeling cheated or victimized by something or someone. It’s always someone else’s fault for bad things in their lives or in the world. I have another friend in-person and on facebook who is a Sanders supporter. R. is usually a kind man, but he turns his anger on like a light switch when he speaks of “evil corporations” and “fundamentalist Christians.” I don’t understand his hatred. I mean pure, unfiltered loathing of the right. I think he’s only kept my friendship because I’m not a fundamentalist Christian.

As a person who has done human studies, I can’t help but wonder what mental and emotional issues leftists have from their childhood.

For example, when I was friends with A., whom I mentioned first, she told me some wild stories about her dysfunctional parents. Not to mention that she was raised in Catholic schools. Her experiences there caused her to drop faith altogether. So, could her childhood experiences with mentally unstable parents and abusive nuns have caused her to feel victimized? And, when the liberal leadership makes people “victims” of conservative values, could it sound the alarm of victim in A’s mind against the right?

It’s a valid argument.

My friend, R., hasn’t told me a lot about his past, other than he got into lots of trouble in his youth. I don’t know about his parents or his schooling. He did tell me that he had bad experiences with his childhood religion, and also a bad experience in the corporate world when he worked there. So, could his personal experiences have caused him to hold a grudge against the entire gambit of corporations and “fundamentalist Christians?”

I wonder what a therapist could dig out of these people’s minds. There is never a time when they aren’t angry, even in the midst of their far left agendas being put into place. Do they really expect the government can fix all the ails of the world? What can be done to bring them peace? It seems nothing is ever enough for them. Do they expect a perfect world?

I also had bad experiences with my childhood religion, but I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I sought answers for myself, without any influence from others. I also had difficulty working in the corporate world. I moved on. I forgave and don’t judge people by their religious or corporate affiliations. I assess people on an individual basis.

I don’t hate the left, and I’m just saying that the ones I’ve come across are angry, so I’m not saying it’s everyone. If I’m being honest, I can’t help but feel leery when I encounter an individual who is on the left. What I mean is, I feel cautious, because I’ve experienced many who express anger that is all encompassing.