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Three Words Cause Media Frenzy

Who knew three words would put an entire country into a media frenzy.

Vote your conscience.

Really? I mean, how can one man be so important that they spend hours, maybe days on those three words? Who cares? Why does he matter so much?

I’d like to dissect this further, but haven’t the time. I have my suspicions as to why one man who has never harmed a soul causes such vitriol, but again, haven’t the time to detail those suspicions.

Let’s just look briefly at the three-word comment.

If I vote for someone because I’m told “it’s the only way,” without checking in with my conscience, without doing my own research, without following my principles … then I am in a herd. I am no longer a human with a soul, but an automatized drone being programmed for the betterment of those programming me.

I might add … he didn’t tell anyone who or who not to vote for. If voting someone’s conscience means to vote for the nominee, then by all means, do so.

Back to the media frenzy … Do they realize that we are in WWIII with fundamentalists? Do they realize police are being assassinated? How are three words from one man more important to fixate on?

This is a world gone mad.