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Where is the Line?

Does America (or the world) have a line that is not acceptable to cross? Apparently, crime is not a boundary line.

It seems to have begun with the lie told by President Clinton while under oath, and it got worse from there. This doesn’t even begin to go into his dalliances, which are not a crime, but speak of a person’s untrustworthy character. Although, there were rape allegations without charges, but they aren’t difficult to believe.

Hillary can apparently not have our military’s back and allow American officials to be brutally murdered without defense (Benghazi). Then, lie about how it occurred to make it appear someone else was the cause instead of her (she was warned in advance). She can delete tens of thousands of official government emails. She accepts money for her charitable foundation from foreign countries in exchange for favors while she’s working for the U.S. government. This doesn’t even begin to go into the women she threatened who were involved with her husband. Again, the latter not a crime, but speaks of a person’s manipulative character.

The latest … Obama sends ransom for hostages to Iran (400 million dollars), but Oliver North and the Reagan administration must be investigated for suspicion of something similar. This doesn’t even begin to go into the myriad of other unlawful actions Obama has taken.

I won’t even go into how they use the IRS to intimidate citizens who oppose them.

Ha, and the media. They took down Richard Nixon for much less than these blatant crimes. His were hidden and needed real journalism to dig out. Today’s public officials do their crimes out in the open and no one seems to care. The media just builds a higher pedestal for them every time another crime occurs.

Trump actually says that he could kill people in the streets and he wouldn’t lose supporters. And, he literally doesn’t lose supporters for making a statement that basically says they are sheep. So, they continue to be his herd.

I now believe that these so-called “leaders” could literally shoot people in the streets and their blind followers would trust whatever excuse they come up with.

Where are the public figures or government officials that have integrity or character anymore? We apparently will accept criminals as our leaders and not do anything to stop them. Shouldn’t we, as citizens, be coming together to remove these people from office and/or put them in jail?

Is there anything that will get us to come together to stop these people? Or, are we just so desensitized to the corruption that their crimes are no big deal anymore?

I always wondered why citizens of Germany didn’t stop Hitler, but now I understand what led to his rise. They looked the other way in the hopes that a corrupt leader could be their savior.

Really, I’d like to know, is there a line these people, or any public official can cross that will bring them down?

Where do we draw the line, or do we even have one?


2 thoughts on “Where is the Line?

  1. Clearly the line that is drawn by the media, is being from the right-wing. Hillary can commit all these crimes and yet the left pretends they have taken the moral high ground by supporting Hillary instead of Trump. I agree that it is in fact unbelievable the things that both candidates can do or say, and are not thrown to the dogs.

    Great read!

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