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Racist Media

The media is quick to call conservatives and/or republicans racist and bigoted. Yet, they consistently portray racism in themselves by pointing out color and ethnicity at every turn. Here is one (of many) examples of their racism with this short video clip. After you watch, I have a question.

How many of you out there in the world categorize your conversations with friends by race and/or ethnicity?

Really, who in their right mind asks about specific colors of skin in conversations?

This is also an example of how the media/left accuses those who oppose them of doing exactly what they do as a way to redirect their audience. Point the fingers away from their own bigotry.

This is so disheartening that the left’s leaders have their supporters bamboozled. Do liberal citizens back up their bigoted leaders and media pointing out ethnicity at every turn? If not, then why do they support them? Why can’t we just see humans? Why are we always marking skin color or ethnicity in people?

I truly don’t understand liberals. I wish there was a way for conservatives and liberals to see each other without looking through the eyes of the media/left.


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