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Phobia Mania

I wish I had the time to gather an audience for this blog, because I’d love to get some reasonable answers to the questions I pose in these posts. Mostly to get discussion going and see if we can find some understanding between one another. It would be interesting to see what type of discussion comes from my following questions about phobias.

The left constantly throws out phobia words to describe the right, without ever really getting to know a person and where they’re coming from. For example: homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, etc. Any time someone has a different opinion as them, it’s either a phobia or a hatred. They don’t ask why or how someone came to believe a certain opinion and then listen to their answer, they just label them.

Their accusations are always pointed outward, and I have not seen any of them look inward. Could they be quick to judge? Could they possibly have a hatred of their own? Who could that hatred be toward and why?

Perhaps they could start by asking if they have a phobia called “repub-o-phobia” or “conserv-o-phobia.”

Exactly what is it they fear from republicans, or better yet, conservatives? If someone believes marriage is between the opposite sex. If someone believes that terrorists who shout Allah ackbar and blow up human beings are terrorists from Islamic extremism. If someone believes that open borders takes away their country’s sovereignty and encroaches on citizens rights … what does the left fear from those beliefs? How do those beliefs harm anyone?

Do they fear rights being taken away from people? If so, they need to realize that when things are done to suit the liberals, they are also taking away peoples rights. This is why they need to stop and listen once in a while before labeling.

Do liberals fear hurt feelings for them or someone else? If so, does that mean we should make laws to stop people from saying they don’t believe in gay marriage. Stop people from saying violent Islamic extremists are terrorists? Stop people from saying they want immigration laws enforced?

If we could actually take away free speech and stop people from saying these things, could we stop people from believing these things? If so, exactly how does that work?

I could go into all the arguments about the topics stated here, but they are not the point of this post. The point is about the left’s own phobias they refuse to address. What is the root cause of their accusations? Could they be guilty of exactly what they accuse in the right … having fears, phobias and hatred?




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    1. I know, right? The left seems to fear people sharing opposing views and become bigoted against those who do. Where the right is for all forms of free speech, because it allows everyone to be open and honest so we can know whom we’re dealing with.

      Thanks for reading and reblogging.

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