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We’ve had a liberal … let me rephrase … America has had a far left liberal administration for eight years now. Yet, liberals are still complaining about the state of their country. Why? Really. If you are liberal, why haven’t things improved?

Aren’t liberals supposed to be “progressive” and evolving our world into some sort of Utopia? That’s the way they come across to us conservatives … that they believe they have all the answers. They can make the world perfect with their ideology and policies in place.

Since those policies have been in place, has the state of the country and the world improved or gotten worse?

I’ve had some liberals tell me that the Republican Congress and Senate blocked measures that can fix the ills of the country. That’s false. Most measures have not been blocked. In fact, the Republican majority has done pretty much nothing but support this administration. They are not my party. Not to mention that the administration has put policies into place through their government agencies such as the EPA, NSA, TSA, etc. By the way, google “government agencies” and see the long list of agencies at .gov that we’re paying for with our taxes.

So, let’s go over what’s happened since this administration has been in place.

Healthcare is a disaster. Most insurance companies cannot afford to keep it going. People are paying more now than they ever were for insurance and healthcare. I can attest to it. We pay way more in medical bills now than we did before Obamacare was put into place. And, it keeps going higher each year.

Salaries have gone down for the same jobs. Again, I can attest to it. We’re making less money for the same job and medical bills are causing us to have monthly debt, which we didn’t have before.

Let’s take a look at the state of the world from eight years ago. Does anyone feel any safer? I know I don’t. Lone fundamentalists are shooting people in our streets. Race relations have gone to hell.

How in the world did race relations get so bad? We voted in a black president. I grew up not seeing skin color. I see human beings. Yet, suddenly everyone is angry at each other because of a color … a color! I was never uncomfortable with such things. Now, I fear people with a different skin color than mine hate me. I don’t know why. I haven’t hurt anyone.

I understand that the black race fears the police. I don’t blame them, considering how the media and leadership has perpetuated the lie.

So tell me, has this country improved into a utopian state over the last eight years with a liberal administration? Are all things equal? Is there justice?

Are we a more caring giving nation toward one another?

Are we more respected by other nations since we’ve relinquished our power to them?

Has radical Islam stopped its barbaric march?

Have we given people quality healthcare?

Have we made healthcare affordable?

Most importantly, are we safer?

Are we closer to “utopia” or farther away?

The left’s ideology has been running the country for eight years. I can’t get a liberal to answer these questions for me, other than blaming the right, who hasn’t even been running things.