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Who will be King?

I figured out why, after every terrorist attack (bombing, shooting, knifing, etc), the media and leadership is constantly focusing on not saying, “Islamic extremism” and telling us that Islam is peaceful.

It’s a manipulative move. I am a student of the psyche, and we are being manipulated psychologically to be divided.

If they focus on telling us not to say “Islamic extremism,” it takes that focus off the actual act of terrorism. When they say they don’t want to “label an act terrorism,” once again, it takes the focus off of the act of terrorism and has us arguing over what to call it instead.

This manipulative move is so subtle that we’re being fooled by it. In the same way they make it about gun control, they take our focus off of the violent act that was perpetrated against innocent people. It also takes our minds off the fact that an attack could actually happen to us, next. Instead, we argue about gun control. We don’t unite on stopping the actual act, but instead, are divided about whether or not to take away certain freedoms.

I won’t even begin to discuss how the media and leadership are dividing us by race as well. At least not in this post.

So, why would the media and leadership want to take our focus and minds off of the actual act of terrorism? Because of September 12, 2001.

On the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the weeks following, we were a united country. Nothing could’ve divided us at that time. We were steadfast. No terrorist would attack and murder our loved ones again . . . . because during those days, everyone in those towers, in the pentagon and in those planes WERE our loved ones. We WERE ONE!

Why do they want us divided?

Because a house divided against itself cannot stand.

What happens when a house falls from division?

The people call for a king. They want someone to fix it. They want someone to take care of them.

In this way, the American experiment dies. People are no longer individuals, but groups warring against each other. They look to an all-powerful king to take care of their needs, because the division causes chaos and destruction. They’re willing to give up liberty to bring order back to society. They want the misery to end, so they will take anyone that shows authority.

This is what leads to tyranny. This is what is happening to America.

The worst part is, anyone who points this out or anything like it, is gaslighted. They’re labeled as “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

Who do you want to be YOUR king?