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Liberal Left Listen

Instead of complaining and whining and crying and name-calling and protesting and rioting, why don’t you … democrats/liberals/leftists listen for once? Instead of shouting to hear your own voice, or beating your beliefs over the head onto others like unrelenting bible thumpers, LISTEN to the right. Perhaps you might find they have legitimate concerns just as you do.

Let me share with you the reason we have this President-elect.

Keep in mind, I did not vote for either of the two potus candidates. If your interested in more about my political ideas/beliefs/opinions, please read my about page.

Many on the left assume that the President-elect was voted in because we live in a racist country. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a judgmental and self-righteous way of looking at others because your side lost. Your hateful rhetoric is the very reason WHY this person was voted in. It certainly didn’t help that the democrats put up a candidate who is a criminal.

The right is tired of false accusations against them. None of the negative names attributed to them by the left are true. Are there some INDIVIDUAL racists in this world? Of course. But the left sees people in groups, especially the right and the religious. They don’t see individuals, which is prejudice in itself. They do exactly the things to the right that they claim the right is doing to others.

If citizens continue to verbally (and sometimes physically) attack each other, and the media fans the flame of hate, each side will continue to vote in more extreme candidates for revenge. We need to stop the divisive rhetoric and violent outbreaks. We need to stop falsely accusing one another. We must admit to each other that WE THE PEOPLE no matter, color, creed, party affiliation or gender all want what is best for this country. Just because we disagree, doesn’t mean the right (or the left) are evil.

I could not bring myself to vote for either, because I don’t trust anyone anymore. But, I will not pin my entire well-being on ONE person. WE THE PEOPLE are in control of our own well-being. And, if we don’t start listening to each other and getting along, it won’t be a president who ruins us. We will create our own hell.



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