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Give them Everything they Want

I can’t take it anymore. In their self-righteous outcries, the left can’t handle the word “no.” They act like two-year-olds throwing tantrums. Either that, or they want to have a civil war, because half this country doesn’t agree with them (maybe more).

They are loud, angry, bitter human beings who are forever victims and nothing will ever make them happy. They think because they are taking to the streets with their angry rhetoric, that they are an overwhelming majority. They are mistaken.

Really, exactly what it is that would make them happy? Women being able to have abortions? Oh yeah. They’ve got that one already. Women having the same opportunities as men? Oh yeah. They’ve got that one too. Gays being able to get married? Oh yeah, they’ve got that one too.

Oh, I know, they want everyone to have free education. Oh yeah, they’ve got that one too. It’s called the internet. What else free would they like? Hmm, let’s see. Free healthcare? Food? A house? A car? Clothing?

How bout clean air? Let’s kill off anyone who doesn’t abide by climate-change rules, which would include cows. Oh wait, then that would mean they couldn’t have a free car, unless it’s electric. Oh wait, then they’d be using power plants to power the electric for their car. Hmm, I’ll just let them tell us what they want and we’ll give it to them. At least all those dirty, pig, racist, bigots will be removed from the earth for the climate-change rules.

Oh wait … hold on one minute, if they remove those dirty, pig, racist bigots there will be no one to pay for all those free things they’ll be getting.

Seriously, they are an endless pit of “give me.” What in the world would make them happy in their perpetual victimhood?


4 thoughts on “Give them Everything they Want

  1. Ouch…..I don’t see the protests that way. I see people who are very concerned listening to the way Trump talks and promises things that are often opposites. I see people who watch powerful wealthy people in Congress who are rapidly trying to make changes that will hurt a lot of people. Very few are yelling for “free” anything. People know there are costs and they have to be covered. Check out my blog I just posted about my 6 decades of health care insurance and then we can get into a calm discussion about what might come next.

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    1. Hello. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I haven’t had time to build up this blog or get to it very often.

      I did go to your blog to read your post about healthcare. Wow. You have been to hell and back. I’d like to say “I’m sorry” for all you’ve been through, but having been through pain myself, I know those are empty words.
      I know you didn’t write all that to get sympathy, but one can’t help but feel empathy for what you’ve been through.

      Having said that, I’m not sure what the point was about free healthcare. It’s not as simple as having a government provide healthcare for an entire country. That money to pay for healthcare has to come from somewhere. Not to mention that if government provides “free” healthcare, quality will eventually go down. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know it is not government provided healthcare. There are so many intricacies and nuances that come with this complicated subject.

      Over the years, I too, have observed and paid for rising prices. Since the Affordable Care Act was put into place, our (husband and me) healthcare costs have skyrocketed faster than all those years put together that you wrote about on your blog.

      I hope your life has settled down now. Sounds like you are happy at your new home. May you be blessed from here on out.


      1. As you surmised I did not write about 6 decades of healthcare to illicit sympathy but just to show a “typical” journey. I think the single payer systems in place in most other western nations as well as other countries show that healthcare can be equivalently and got less expense than here. As my final line said, I am not against paying a monthly fee that is reasonable- not looking for “free” healthcare. But it is more less stressful to remove the financial burden of copays and deductibles from the equation. Hard enough to deal with serious injury or illness without adding financial ruin to it.

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        1. I completely agree with your last two sentences, Beth. I don’t agree that single payer systems are working well. I could share a litany of links that show how people are either not getting quality care, or not getting care at all. It’s never a good idea to put even more bureaucracy into the picture through the red tape of government. I’ve been shuffled around in too many other government agencies to trust them with my health. That being said, there has to be a better way, but I’m no expert on this subject. It seems that things went awry when health insurance became the middle man. I always wondered why we had to have such a middle man and why we can’t perhaps have a savings of sorts, like an FSA, to pay for health related issues. Put away our own money each month, perhaps with an employer equaling that amount and using that to pay for health. No paperwork, no deductibles, no red tape. 😛 But, what do I know? Like I said, I’m no expert.


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