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Can we Breathe Yet?

Am I the only one who feels like I’ve been breathing through a mask and someone lifted it off my face so I can breathe freely now?

I haven’t posted in almost a year! Well, I have posted, just not on this blog. This is my anonymous blog, because I felt oppressed to speak my opinions. I haven’t posted here for a variety of reasons, one being that expressing myself here did nothing to ease my worries about the future of my country and the world. It was no longer satisfying. I felt defeated.

Since the turn of the 21st century, I’ve been feeling as if I’ve slowly had freedom sucked out of my life by some invisible entity. I couldn’t pinpoint who took that freedom, how it was being taken or why. All I knew was that I felt afraid to speak to people, because I didn’t know if I was welcome in this society anymore.

People were hating each other, and it was being fueled by the media and politicians. Our elected officials were belittling and degrading any American citizen who didn’t back their agendas. What’s worse is that the president of the United States belittled his own people who questioned any of his actions. I’d never been so condescended to by any president in my half century of life as by Barack Obama.

Still, I didn’t understand why. What did I and people like me ever do to him or his followers. All I (we) ever tried to do was live decent, moral lives, and be there for people when they needed us. How did I (we) make these left-leaning officials, media and their followers so angry at us?

It seemed that even people I knew, and some I loved, were changing their minds. Everywhere around me people seemed to believe my way of life was offensive … my way of living with values and principles.

Then came the 2016 election. I thought for sure things were only going to get worse. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for any POTUS. The nasty rhetoric on both sides made me feel like I was living in a modern day Gomorrah.

I gave up. I stopped posting on this board, and I stopped paying attention to what was happening around me. I just felt grateful for my small circle of friends and family.

Then it happened. October 1st, 2017. A mass shooting where no one was safe to run. There was gunfire everywhere. I was NOT there, but I could feel the fear and pain of everyone present on that Las Vegas strip that night. I couldn’t bear it, and I certainly couldn’t believe the explanation we were given about what happened. None of it made sense.

I researched, and I found answers.

Not only did I get some semblance of understanding about what happened in Vegas, but I fell down a rabbit hole of weird, bizarre and frightening happenings. Even worse yet, those happenings were not fantasies, untruths or conspiracies, they were REAL! At times it felt like I was reading a fiction espionage/thriller and I couldn’t accept it. But, the more I learned, the more the past 17 years started to make sense. Things I couldn’t understand who, what, where, why and how started to come together. There has been truly evil people running our government, and also governments around the world.

Divide and conquer is not just a cliché. It was how these evil people gained power, money and control, and held onto it.

I was wrong about the present POTUS, and I readily admit it. Hope is emerging because of this change.

It seemed the answers I found were only known by a few thousand people out of 300 million in our country. But, by the end of October, these things I learned started coming out in the news. One by one, we’re seeing the corruption of each individual be revealed, from FBI officials all the way up to the Clintons selling nuclear making material to the Russians.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but my point is not about this deep, evil corruption. My point is that I finally understand what’s been going on, and I have hope that freedom, justice and truth will be restored. I can finally say GOD BLESS AMERICA.