NOT ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS AT THIS TIME. When time permits, this will change. Guidelines are below for when submissions open again.

If you feel like you can’t say what you’d like for worry of the PC police coming after you, but long to speak your mind, this is the place. You are welcome to submit an opinion piece. Please read these brief guidelines first.

All opinions pieces will be considered from any religion to atheist. All political opinions will be considered, from liberal to conservative, but I’m forthcoming in saying that I am a conservative who leans libertarian. That does not mean I would not post a piece with liberal opinions. You can read more about my views on the About page.

I will not accept derogatory speech toward any specific person or groupings of people such as liberals, conservative, Christians, Atheists. Nor will I accept proselytizing or foul language. Any submission or comment with these things will not be posted. Yes, I’m the one running this blog, so I get to decide.

Also, any claims that aren’t opinion need to be linked to a source. For example, 60% of Americans are against amnesty. That would need a link to a source to back it up.

Please refer to already posted articles to get an idea on how I prefer opinions to be presented. You can find them on the home page and click on any article.

Provide an author’s name or initials when submitting, whether it be your own or a pseudonym.

Submissions may be no more than 750 words.

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